Sunday, 5 May 2013

Maastricht: Koninginnedag

On 30 April the Netherlands celebrated "Koninginnedag", the birthday of the current Queen of the Netherlands (Also the birthday of someone special and close to my heart – my mom!)

This year, Koninginnedag was particularly festive as the new King of the Netherlands was inaugurated and therefore next year’s “Kongingsdag” will be celebrated on King Willem-Alexander’s birthday, which is on the 27th of April.

Orange Window Displays

The town of Maastricht was brightly decorated with flags and balloons in orange - the colour of the Dutch Royal family whose lineage can be traced back to Willem van Oranje - and since it was a public holiday, a fun-filled programme was planned for the day.

A Decorated Bicycle 

Orange Everywhere

A group of artists from the Netherlands even wrote a song, "Koningin van alle Mensen", in honour of the Queen. 
Radio stations played it repeatedly. Over-and-over. Non-stop. Throughout the whole day.

In the evening, everyone spilled into the streets and the sounds of merry Dutch songs, pumping music and cheer filled the air (This video clip was recorded at 9 pm - it's still light outside!)

After the magnificent fireworks display that concluded the celebrations for this year, I walked back across the bridge with the hundreds of party-goers. The street lights glimmered on the black water of the Maas, the cool night air ruffled my hair and murmurs of the "leuke dag" filled my ears. 

It was magical.
I crossed my fingers in a wish that I'll be able to celebrate "Koningsdag" again next year - here in Maastricht.

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