Thursday, 8 August 2013

Johannesburg: Warm Winter Weather

It might be winter in South Africa, but the weather in Johannesburg is still absolutely amazing. 
I can recall many a day where the European spring sun had stayed hidden behind the clouds, rain drizzling from the skies in a never-ending pattern. If the Johannesburg winter were to compete with the Maastricht spring of 2013 in a best-weather tournament, the Maastricht spring might as well withdraw like a wimpy, under-the-weather child. There will be no contest. The Johannesburg winter will walk away with every award under the sun.

Even though the early mornings and evenings have been in the single digits with lows of 5 degrees C this week, by 10 am every day the sun has stretched its long, warm rays across the city, basking everything it touches in glorious sunlight. You don't even have to turn to the weather channel, because every day is the same: A cold morning that transforms into an amazingly 20 C sunny day, which cools down again by 5 pm. 

Warm Winter Days

Every weekend can (and have been!) celebrated with a braai, lunch or picnic in the sun.

Picnic Time

On this day a year ago, the picture looked a lot different though. For the first time ever all nine provinces of South Africa were covered with a blanket of snow. I remember clearly how people poured out into the streets to catch a glimpse of the snow and catch their first snowflake. People were cheering, hurling snowballs (quite an art, considering the snow was only 2 cm deep) and taking pictures with the icy white flecks on their faces. 

Show Day: August 2012

The winter of 2012 was magnificent and magical, but this year I will be celebrating the predictability of the Johannesburg weather with lazy picnics on the warm grass.

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